Discovering Chat GPT

  • Jens Knibbeler - Junior Paid Media Specialist
  • May 30, 2023

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence is an emerging phenomenon within the online world. Since we at Positive are a digital agency, we cannot lag behind on this subject. To get a better picture of this subject and understand what this blog is about, it is important that you know what Chat GPT exactly means.

In short, Chat GPT is a program that can process and generate natural language text, like a computerized conversational partner. It's trained on a massive corpus of text from the internet, so it's capable of generating a wide range of responses to a variety of prompts.


We at Positive try to make creative use of this tool, and we are constantly looking for ways to use chat GPT as effectively as possible. In addition, we looked at the possibilities of using chat GPT as a tool to formulate keywords, headlines and descriptions for a Google search campaign of one of our clients.


First, the prompt, or the way you ask your question to the AI is very important, to get the best results. That’s why you should always start your sentence with “Act as a .. (specialist)”. In this case, a Paid media Specialist. As a result, the AI ​​will answer your question from the point of view of the previously named specialist, so that your question is answered even more specifically.


Secondly, try to make your question as specific and detailed as possible. For example, for company X, I could choose between mentioning the company name “Company X” itself or mentioning the specific industry. If the company or project you mentioned is not as widely known, the AI ​​probably won't recognize it. In that case, you can choose to mention the relevant industry to get the best results.

These are just small examples of how to formulate your prompt/question and what is possible with Chat GPT. It’s a very helpful tool that can save you a lot of time. Of course, you should not assume that Chat GPT ​​will do all your work, but it can give you a good base to work on.


Are you a digital agency looking to streamline your content creation process? Or are you struggling to keep up with the latest trends and customer behavior in your industry? See below how chatgpt can support you in this respect and help you to grow your business:


Content Creation: Writing high-quality content that engages your audience and promotes your brand can be a time-consuming and challenging task. ChatGPT can make it easy for you by generating content ideas and even drafting content for your clients. With its ability to generate high-quality content based on specific keywords or topics, ChatGPT can create various content formats such as blog posts, social media posts, email newsletters, and even audio/visual content. By automating content creation, ChatGPT can save you time and resources while providing your clients with engaging, high-quality content.

Competitor Data: Understanding your competitors is essential for any successful marketing strategy. ChatGPT can help you gather data on your competitors from a variety of sources, including websites, social media, news articles, and other online resources. By searching for specific keywords or phrases related to competitors, ChatGPT can collect and organize relevant data into a structured format. This can help you identify gaps in your competitors' strategies and provide you with the insights you need to develop a winning marketing strategy.

Trend Analysis: Staying on top of the latest trends and customer behavior in your industry is critical for success. ChatGPT can analyze large amounts of data and identify trends in customer behavior and preferences. By analyzing social media posts, customer reviews, and other sources, ChatGPT can help identify emerging trends in product preferences, buying behaviors, and brand perception. This information can help you stay ahead of the competition and develop marketing strategies that resonate with your target audience.

Customer Segmentation: Understanding your customers' needs and preferences is crucial for effective marketing. ChatGPT can help with customer segmentation by analyzing customer data and identifying groups with similar interests and preferences. By understanding customer segments, organizations can tailor marketing efforts to specific groups and improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. ChatGPT can help you identify these segments, allowing you to create targeted marketing campaigns that resonate with your customers.

ChatGPT is not the only AI tool that is available. There are more and more AI tools coming on the market that specialize in creating specific content. Midjourney, for instance, is an AI tool that lets you generate an image based on a certain prompt (a word, phrase, emoji, a letter). You can keep specifying this based on several rounds of feedback until you achieve the desired result. Not only does this save you a lot of costs for producing this content, but it also saves you a lot of time. In the example below, you can see that each AI tool has a different way of prompts.

In conclusion, ChatGPT is one of the most powerful AI tools yet, that can help digital agencies streamline their content creation process, gather data on competitors, identify trends, and understand their customers better. Nevertheless, there are a lot of other AI tools available that could be of great value to your business. By automating a lot of your business processes, these AI tools can save you time and resources while providing you with the insights you need to develop successful marketing strategies. This is just the beginning of AI and the digital world is evolving rapidly. Take advantage of it and be creative!  😊

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