A success story: the collaboration between KPN, Daan Boom and Tobias Camman

  • Bas Houtschilt - Afstudeerstagiair
  • Apr 24, 2023

Every day you see influencer campaigns coming by on social media. Influencer marketing is an increasingly important part of companies' marketing strategy. Here, companies work with influential people on social media, influencers, to promote their product or service to their followers.


Influencers have great reach and influence on social media. Companies take advantage of this by paying these influencers to promote their brand, product or service to their followers. Through this collaboration, companies can increase their reach, make their brand even more visible, and through these influencers can also reach new audiences that would be difficult to reach without them. Through influencer marketing, engagement with the brand can also be increased. Positive has researched several examples of influencer marketing on the market. This article highlights some of these examples.


An example influencer marketing campaign on the Dutch market is the collaboration between HelloFresh and Jim Bakkum. This 2022 campaign simulates a hectic home situation with homework questions, toys flying around and glasses falling over. The challenge for Jim is to prepare HelloFresh dish for his family in this hectic situation.


In addition to launching a full campaign, promoting a product or service can also be done on a smaller scale. For example, influencers use Instagram stories in which they showcase products or clothing items from a particular brand, here an influencer may have a discount code from a particular brand to share with his or her followers. For example, different brands or products are promoted by Monica Geuze, Jade Anna van Vliet, Dee van der Zeeuw, Rhodé Kok and Juultje Tieleman, among others.


Also KPN, one of the largest telecom companies in the Netherlands, recently launched a successful influencer marketing campaign with Daan Boom and Tobias Camman, known from the popular television programs Streetlab and The FOMO Show. This article discusses the details of this campaign and the reasons why it was so successful.


The influencers.

Daan Boom is a presenter and program maker who owes his fame mainly to his work on Steetlab and The FOMO Show. Besides these programs, it is impossible to imagine him without socials, where he has built a large following. With 113 thousand followers on Instagram and 128 thousand followers on TikTok, he shares mostly humorous content. He also shares personal photos from his life on Instagram.

Thanks to his appearance in "The FOMO Show" and the series "The Dean," Tobias Camman has become a well-known personality. He is active as a presenter, content creator, filmmaker and DJ. In addition to these creative pursuits, Tobias is also a passionate cook and has released his own cookbook called "Feed. It is also impossible to imagine the world of social media without Tobias, where he has amassed more than 114 thousand followers on Instagram.


Target audience.

The target audience targeted in this campaign is young adults. This target group uses the social media platforms TikTok and Instagram and are familiar with Daan Boom and Tobias Camman. Through this campaign, KPN wants to show that you can easily turn on all streaming services on KPN TV. This allows you to watch anything you want. In this way KPN tries to persuade the target group to choose KPN services.


The campaign.

For Daan Boom and Tobias Camman, their collaboration with KPN began with the popular series "The Dean." In this series we follow the life of Daan, a presenter and program maker who has taken on the challenge of starting a music career as a rapper. The series offers a glimpse into the world of the music industry and shows what goes into making music. In March '22, Boom and Camman created a TikTok together for KPN Netherlands' account. In it, Camman raps about the services KPN provides

(KPN Campagne 1). The results of this video were very good with more than 810 thousand views and more than 53 thousand likes spread over 3 TikTok accounts.

In September '22 KPN is launching a new campaign called 'BLIJF GAAN'. For this the 'Stay Go Squad' is introduced, consisting of Qucee, Nessim, Daan Boom and Tobias Camman. They extend the campaign idea to the experience of the younger target group on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and Twitch. On its own social channels, KPN invites the GEN-Z to keep going themselves. Something that previously happened spontaneously the brand now wants to encourage a little more; by adding a verse to "Born To Be Alive," you create your own video that way. The 'Keep Going Squad' made a video in which Qucee and Nesim both take on a physical challenge. Daan and Tobias use their humor in this video. Daan presents riddles to Tobias in this video. The video closes with a call for viewers to show how they keep going to KPN in doing so you have a chance to win an IPhone 14. The video has received positive reactions, with more than 3.3 million views and 5,000 likes. In addition, viewers expressed in their comments that they also submitted videos of their own (KPN Campagne 2).

This campaign continued with a video of Daan Boom and Tobias Camman singing their own verse to the song "Born To Be Alive

(KPN Campagne 3). This video went so viral that no one could get the song out of their heads. The response to it was very positive. With 4.3 million views and more than 34 thousand likes, on the TikTok accounts of KPN and Daan Boom together, their efforts were highly appreciated, leading to increased awareness and popularity of the duo.

As a result of this campaign, a new video was created by the gentlemen. In it, they show how they "keep going" (KPN Campagne 4). This video was also very well received with over 4.4 million views and over 33 thousand likes spread across both accounts. Reactions to this video were also very positive.


In response to this great success, a follow-up collaboration between KPN and the popular duo was made at the end of March '23. Boom and Camman give viewing tips in their new videos. The first video of a series of four videos so far began with a very short "summary" about the movie "Fifty Shades of Grey" (KPN Campagne 5). The second video features a new viewing tip. This time they praise the movie 'Grease'. The duo does this in a creative way by translating two well-known songs from the movie called 'Greased Lightnin'' and 'You're The One That I Want' into Dutch, while dressing as characters from the movies (KPN Campagne 6).

The third video follows a week later. This one is about the series 'Game of Thrones'. In this video, both gentlemen are dressed as characters from the series. Also in this video, a summary is given about the series (KPN Campagne 7). The last video from the series was posted on social media a day ago at the time of writing. In it, the movie "Frozen" is touted as a viewing tip. In this video, the duo can be seen in princess outfits with a wig at the skating rink. While skating, they sing the song "Let It Go" from the movie and here they try to dance to it (KPN Campagne 8).

Each of these videos highlights a series or movie, each time one that can be seen on a different streaming service. Through this campaign, KPN wants to show that with KPN TV you can easily turn on all your favorite streaming services and thereby watch anything you want, from Pathé Thuis to Disney+.


Like their previous videos, these videos featuring Daan Boom and Tobias Camman were extremely well received. At the time of writing, the videos have garnered nearly 8.4 million views and more than 65 thousand likes on the TikTok accounts of both KPN Netherlands and Daan Boom. In addition, the videos have also been posted on Instagram. These videos can be seen on both KPN's account and on the personal accounts of Daan Boom and Tobias Camman. Both men posted two videos each on their own Instagram accounts. With more than 23 thousand likes on Instagram, the videos on this platform have also been a great success. On both TikTok and Instagram, the reactions under all these videos are extremely positive. People are laughing, calling it the best ads and indicating that they now want to switch to KPN. Daan and Tobias are thanked not only for the viewing tips given, but also for the funny videos they made.

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