How we look at the Artificial Intelligence revolution

  • Sjef Kerkhofs - Managing Director
  • Apr 14, 2023

The beauty of our industry is the constant change. New channels, new platforms and, above all, ever-faster developing technology. Our task is to keep track of it all. Marcus Aurelius, Roman emperor and philosopher, once expressed our vision flawlessly: “what stands in the way, becomes the way”.

This predilection for technology and constant change means that we fully embrace the recent artificial intelligence (AI) revolution. The word revolution is almost an understated. You can speak of a landslide.


Virtually every element of our profession is influenced by the increasing technological possibilities of AI. For instance:

  • Design: standard design work can be worked out more efficiently and quickly with the help of AI, so that, for example, the A/B testing of dozens if not hundreds of variants becomes very simple.
  • Copy: today part of the copywriting work can already be done by AI technology. Web texts, advertising texts, articles, it's all possible. This saves time and therefore also costs.
  • Advertising: With an almost unlimited source of data, AI can be very helpful in increasing the effectiveness of your advertising. For example, when devising the best strategy, or even optimally managing campaigns. And what about analyzing data in reports.
  • Development: Developing websites and apps used to require manual writing of many lines of code. Not anymore. AI technology can already save more than 50% of the development time and therefore costs.


No department within Positive remains ostracized from AI. The crux of deploying AI technology like ChatGPT's is feeding the system properly. This is exactly where our years of experience and all the work already carried out in the past add value. By feeding the AI ​​technology with data from past campaigns or content created in the past, an enormous efficiency gain can be made. This can result in shorter lead times, even higher quality, and lower costs for you as a customer.

Do you want to know how we can also use AI for your company or already use it? Or would you like to spar with our specialists about what the impact of AI can be on your marketing department? Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact the Positive contacts known to you via app, email or telephone.

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