Get to know...B!


For decades Blokker has been a familiar face in the shopping streets of the Netherlands. It's a store where you get inspired and 'browse' for everything for in and around the house. In times when the online user experience is becoming increasingly important, Blokker wishes to use social media to create the familiar and inspiring Blokker feeling, which has been a household name for years, tangible within the digital domain. Snooping around at Blokker, but then digitally.


Blokker wants to make its communication and content personal and accessible. As if you were talking to a good friend, who is always there for you. That is why we give Blokker a ‘face’ on social media. And not just any face. A face that is inextricably linked to Blokker and that offers the opportunity to communicate with customers in a new way. Abstract enough to give it complete control, tangible enough to give everyone the personal Blokker experience they seek.


B. Is the new online 'face' of Blokker. With animation, we bring B. to life and in the different formats he takes you with him and breathes new life into your online (social) experience.

Funny sidenote:
Of course, they are referring to the ordinary B of Blokker. But phonetically you could also hear the English 'bae' in it. Originally used as an abbreviation for the affectionate 'baby' or 'babe', it has also evolved into an abbreviation for 'before anyone else' (best friend / irreplacable someone / etc.).


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