The ins & outs from the Unibet World Cup campaign


We interviewed Levi, Project Manager - Positive NL, about his personal
experience during the production of the World Cup campaign.
Levi has enjoyed working on the Unibet account for the last 1.5 years (and counting) and is happy to share his experience.


Can you talk a bit about the position and specifically within this campaign?

I am one of the Project Managers of Positive NL. The misconception sometimes prevails that a Project Manager only deals with the planning and maintains some customer contact. Of course this is an essential part of the job. But you are also the customer's sparring partner. You try to spot opportunities for the most versatile campaign possible. You do this in consultation with all the stakeholders.

You are constantly putting together a puzzle. The challenge lies in the fact that some pieces are sometimes missing and then you keep puzzling.

You also remain critical of all deliverables. A customer like Unibet expects 'state of the art' work. That is what you and your team go for.

Were there any challenges you faced during this campaign?

Several. Mostly time pressure. Positive did the digital post-production. You wait for assets from pre-production to start. You have to deal with multiple stakeholders and several roads lead to Rome... It's up to you to find the most efficient/finding one.

Fortunately, you can already make a lot of preparations so you can absorb surprises more easily. You also work with a very professional team. Positive's hierarchical structure is nice and flat. You can turn to anyone for advice.

Are there any things you would do differently next time?

I find it difficult to give a time frame to a creative process. Sometimes you would like different things in your expressions to make it just a little "fatter. Whether it's possible is the question, because you're up against a deadline. There are many possibilities in the digital landscape. And you want to take advantage of them!

When is a campaign successful for you?

Client happy + proud of your own work and that of the team.

Personally, I prefer to learn more myself. In Cavai's conversational ad and the HPTO of the different characters with the promo, I invested the most time. The difficulty was in the exact timings of the interaction (characters) in the skins and the interactive features. Then when that comes out nicely and exactly as you imagined you are happy.


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