Noordhoff Junior Cloud


Launching a new innovative digital platform for the Dutch primary education market while building and co-creating it with a community of teachers. The client Noordhoff is the biggest publisher of educational products and services in the Dutch market. With a heritage dating way back to 1877 with the introduction of the Bosatlas, Noordhoff is one of the most important cornerstones in educational history in the Netherlands.


These are unprecedentedly challenging times for the more than 6,000 primary schools in the Netherlands. Education inequality, language skills, media knowledge and Covid are just the tip of the iceberg. That means quite a lot for a teacher, who has to face all these other challenges in the classroom. Havana Harbor was asked to create the Junior Cloud’s brand positioning and launch campaign.

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The Work

Our biggest challenge was to create a campaign construct that can be as agile as possible. First we set up a a strong brand positioning and a clear vision on the always on campaign. The brand and campaigns concepts were created in close collaboration with primary school teachers. By continuously validating our concepts and messages with the target group during the creation process. Through both online user panels and focus groups. During weekly Kitchen reviews there was also close collaboration with the experts from Noordhoff.


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Introducing the Noordhoff Junior Cloud

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