Do you still remember it? Although this jingle is now a thing of the past, since 1959 one thing has remained unchanged: the best care for your eyes will be found at Pearle. Real craftsmanship, from trendy glasses to contact lenses, from kids’s glasses to sunglasses. Pearle loves eyes and eyes love Pearle. 


Pearle, for happy eyes… or more?

If you say Pearle, you say craftsmanship and service. But glasses today are so much more than just a tool. They are a fashion statement. The perfect balance between craftsmanship and fashion is what it's all about. In their social media content as well. And that's where we come in.

Social content that catches the eye

Digital content is not yet social content. As Pearle's creative agency for social media, we develop content that allows them to make the most out of the channel. Both timeline content and campaigns, from creative concept to publication.

Creative eye-catchers

But our work for Pearle goes beyond content marketing. The eyewear company also runs an active, commercial (paid) media strategy on social media. We develop the assets for this, with mobile and motion as the most important starting points


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