Sandwich on Site TikTok




shoot content, analyze trends and edit/shape content.


Translating the Sandwich on-site campaign into digital content.


Create new Shell content and introduce it on TikTok.


In the world of digital marketing, TikTok continues to gain more ground. With its massive user base and creative possibilities, the social media platform has proven itself as an effective way to promote brands and reach a younger audience. During this campaign, we introduced Shell to TikTok, and in this case, we discuss the key questions and results of the campaign.


The challenge at hand was to customize the content specifically for Shell's target audience on TikTok. It required a thorough understanding of the demographic and preferences of the audience in order to create engaging and relevant content. By identifying the interests, tastes, and behaviors of the target audience, we could tailor the content to resonate with them effectively.

This involved adapting the messaging, tone, and style to align with the expectations and trends prevalent on the platform. Through careful analysis and strategic planning, we aimed to capture the attention and interest of the desired audience, ultimately driving engagement and brand promotion for Shell on TikTok.


For the Sandwich on Site campaign, Shell produced various campaign visuals, and we were asked to create a digital adaptation of all the materials. However, as a digital agency, we believed it would be more effective to create new content specifically for TikTok instead of using the video intended for Facebook/Snapchat.



How did we reach the target group?

We opted for a food-oriented approach in which the viewer does not immediately realize that it is a Shell advertising video. After all, they scroll past videos every day in which fresh sandwiches or products are prepared. We gave it a nice twist by including a Shell employee. This makes it more humane than just saying that Shell is the brand thet promotes itself.



Full video views


Watched the videos twice


Clicks uplift compared
to the Facebook video

The results of the campaign show positive developments compared to the previous Facebook video. The number of clicks increased by 3%, indicating greater audience interest and engagement.

In addition, the number of repeat views of the video increased by a whopping 1508%, indicating that the content was interesting enough to watch multiple times.

Furthermore, the number of completed videos increased by an impressive 825%, indicating higher viewer retention and effective communication of the message.

These results underline the success of the campaign in increasing audience engagement and achieving campaign objectives.


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