Local power for an international player


Some brands need no introduction. Shell is one of them. The red-and-yellow shell, pride of the Netherlands, is world-famous and it fits effortlessly in the list with great brands such as Coca-Cola, Philips, McDonalds, Microsoft and Apple. So it is an enormous honor to be able to work for this brand.


To be able to shine locally as an international group, Shell wants to professionalize its digital media. And of course we can help them with that like no other! With Positive, the Shell team always has the ideal extension in house. A 12th man, who doesn't cheer from the stands, but who is right at the heart of the local markets!


In order to provide optimal media and campaigning, a giant like Shell will of course work with various partners. This way, all parties involved can do their work optimally. For the digital channels, from mobile to social, Shell has found a reliable partner in us. All these channels require content, also known as assets. This total set of assets is developed by us. From display banners, mobile assets, social media ads and remarketing assets to the corresponding landing pages. 


Besides campaigns, always on content also plays a major role in Shell's strategy. The brand is constantly changing, so keeping its stakeholders informed is essential. On the basis of a fixed content planning, Daily Dialogues periodically develops content for the social media channels of Shell, including a lot of video/motion content.



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Local power for an international player

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