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Since 2016 we have been the permanent strategic, creative and executive partner in the field of (digital) brand and product campaigns for Tikkie. This time we developed a communication plan and campaign concept to generate awareness for three brand new functionalities: Tikkie Check, Tikkie for business en Tikkie Terug.


Creative solution

Our solution; make it fun, pour it into a rap. To propagate that flow and versatility, Willem de Bruin (of the Opposites) has been chosen to use, who explains the multiple variations of Tikkie (brand and functionality). De Bruin is known to a wide audience and therefore very suitable to explain the versatility of Tikkie.


With Tikkie you can go on and your life becomes faster and easier. Stay in the flow, wherever you are, whatever you're doing. Tikkie is versatile, but that is also the pitfall. It is our job to put forward three propositions clearly and unambiguously in the campaign.


Local power for an international player

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