De VakantieDiscounter meets TikTok


De Vakantie Discounter


Concepting, creation and management of TikTok channel.


Launcing a professional TikTok channel. 


Genuine content that aligns with TikTok's latest trends. 


De VakantieDiscounter (part of the Holiday Discount Group) started in Arnhem in 2000 and has grown significantly by specializing in affordable vacations. In the early days, a team of employees would call the travel agencies or airlines they collaborated with every day to fetch the best vacation deals. In fact, they are still doing that in 2024, but now with much more automation, and the team now operates from Amsterdam.



De VakantieDiscounter, having maintained a presence on social media platforms such as Instagram for quite some time, recognized the need to extend their reach to TikTok. Despite not being officially present on TikTok, the brand was frequently mentioned by creators on the platform. Realizing the potential impact, we collaborated closely with De VakantieDiscounter team to develop and implement a strategic approach for TikTok. The emphasis was on capitalizing on prevailing trends within the platform’s community. This collaborative effort resulted in the successful launch and rapid growth of De VakantieDiscounter's TikTok channel.


The approach on TikTok differs significantly from other social media channels, relying heavily on current tunes and trends. Success is closely tied to being responsive to the latest trends. A TikTok strategy requires less planning, so we've opted for a straightforward approach, putting the spotlight on De VakantieDiscounter employees. Our productions are flexible and easy to set up, enabling us to promptly adapt to changes on the channel.


550.000 view for the first 15 videos, all organic

Over 3000 followers and 11.000 likes in less than 6 months


Kun jij alle vlaggen raden? 😎☀️ Welke stad is next #straatquiz #amsterdam #vakantietips #vakantiediscounter #straatinterviews

♬ origineel geluid - dé VakantieDiscounter


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