Why we use Silverstripe 

Silverstripe is an Open Source Content Management System and framework for developing complex websites that are easy to manage. Silverstripe has proven time and time again to be a solid framework upon which to design and build pages and functionality in an agile manner.

Positive was attracted to SilverStripe because of its ease of use and intuitive interface, backed with a extensible platform upon which to develop from. Its open-source engine and best-practice MVC framework allows us to take advantage of its scalablility, web standards and speed-to-market. We were one of the first Silverstripe Professional Partners in the UK.

How it can work for your business 

Silverstripe is perfect if you required a cost-effective, flexible and open-source content management. Its feature-rich functionality and the ability to develop new functionality allows your online presence to be set up timely and effectively.

By combining the flexibility and openness of Silverstripe with our extensive PHP code library and experience, Positive can provide creative, polished and highly functional websites in a cost-effective manner and where speed-to-market is crucial. We have been particularly successful in supporting tactical marketing campaigns which require high agility and flexibility.

"We're thrilled to have Positive Technology on board as one of the first partners collaborating with our new UK office. Positive Technology have been working with SilverStripe for years, pushing the envelope of what our platform can do and delivering great results for clients such as Lords. We excited to see what the future will bring!"
Sam Minnée, CEO, SilverStripe


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